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A+ Ratings from Goodyear Clients

If you are here to see what our past customers are saying about us, then you’ve come to the right place. We are proud of the relationships we’ve built with residential and commercial clients throughout the years, and we look forward to building one with you as well. All our reviews and testimonials are from real clients we’ve served and continue to serve throughout Goodyear and beyond.

“GREAT SERVICE. I was desperate for a second opinion. I got an immediate response and great customer service. I especially like the way they send a pic of the technician before arriving. I am so happy I called! I hate that you just can’t trust people now a days. The last company was horrible and tried to charge me $500 for a part I didn’t need (I wrote a YELP review for them too). This company charged $59 for an initial inspection, fixed my problem and gave me great advice. Living in AZ is tough! Everyone needs a good reputable AC company to call. I suggest you do your research and read EVERY review.” - Bridgette B.
“My brother initially referred us to A Quality HVAC and Plumbing Services LLC Services and we totally can understand why! Our technician, Robert was very timely and more importantly, very professional! He explained to me the specific steps that he was going to take to assess the problem and after determining the issue, he would resolve it. He had our air conditioning running again in a matter of no time! Lastly, but certainly not least, the price point was exceptional! We were very well pleased and will definitely use them again, when necessary.” - Virgie T.
“This company was referred to us by our electrician as our A/C had been out for 36 hours, the company the home warranty referred was not available for Four more days! I called Brian in desperation, advising him of our situation. Even though they were booked for the day he said he would get someone out to us today! Only minutes after I hung up with him the technician called me and said they were on their way, I nearly cried. Enrique showed up as expected and reviewed the situation. They were very kind, courteous and professional while in our home, they advised me of the situation with photos taken of our unit. They said they could repair it right away, and they did!! So now, I am so thankful we called and received the recommendation because they were absolutely wonderful! I absolutely recommend A Quality HVAC and Plumbing Services LLC for their work, professionalism and compassion! A+++” - Rebecca B.
“I had my AC go out around 11pm. We had my daughters birthday party scheduled with a bunch of kids staying the night so I needed someone out quick! I looked on Yelp and seen the reviews so I called around midnight and left a message. I didn’t expect a call right back but I did, they set up a time for first thing in the morning. Tech came out and made quick work of troubleshooting the issue. I have worked with AC units before so I pretty much knew what the problem was, but had to work on the other side of town that day. I was nervous to have someone look at it because of horror stories that I have heard AC companies ripping customers off. I couldn’t have been more pleased to hear the low cost of the repair and timely matter that it was done! I would highly recommend this company and will be my primary service provider moving forward.” - Justin B.
“Man, in a society where companies would love to rip the customer off A Quality IS NOT one of them. The entire team has so much integrity that it’s a breath of fresh air knowing I can count on them for all of our needs.” - Robert and Melissa S.
“A Quality HVAC and Plumbing Services LLC was a life saver to us 2 days ago!!! We had a horrible night without any AC when the weather that day was 112. They fixed us up with a great price and so much kindness. I highly recommend this company to everyone.” - Barbara M.
“AQuality HVAC was wonderful to work with. My technician Spencer D was a delight. Very well mannered and professional. He explained to me step by step what he was doing and gave me a report at the end of the inspection. He even put on plastic booties while in the house. I was very happy with this young man. The company sends a picture of the technician coming to do your service so you know what he/she looks like. I would definitely recommend this company.” - Linda P.
“This company is EXCELLENT. The receptionist Olivia is so nice and professional. I also spoke with the owner Brian who really impressed me by personally taking the time to make sure I understood everything, and that I was happy. My technician Saul was VERY polite and professional at all times. They fixed my problem immediately and did an outstanding job. I HIGHLY recommend this company! (BTW Goettle couldn’t even help me with this emergency for two weeks!) I’m so glad I called AQuality! I’m now on their maintenance plan and feel so good about the entire experience!” - Lisa S.
“What an awesome service! I love that this company came to fix my ac within a few hours of my call! The gentleman who performed the service was so amazing! He fixed our AC and was on his way! I would definitely recommend this company!” - Michelle W.
“We have used A Quality for years, the entire team is awesome. Few years ago we had a small ac fire our insurance company sent out an adjuster and a big name hvac company to give me a song and dance trying to tell me that my outside unit is blown and needs to be replaced with one of their high end systems including a attic Hp. I was skeptical remembered a company that attended same church so we called. The next day a tech came out and informed us we did not need a new unit but our fan motor is bad and it would only be around 300. I was sold the technicians have integrity and are very ethically sound. As a field tech myself my family’s felt comfortable with the cooling decisions without the BS scare tactics like other companies.” - Sandy S.
“A Quality HVAC and Plumbing Services LLC Services lives up to their name. I had a different company come out for a heating repair and they literally tried to charge me nine times more than A Quality HVAC and Plumbing Services LLC charged me. What does this tell us? It tells us that A Quality HVAC and Plumbing Services LLC is honest and didn’t try to gouge me by making it seem like I needed a bigger repair than I did. Mitch was my technician and I specifically ask for him by name for all future maintenance. He is friendly, has integrity, and explains things clearly. These guys are the best.” - Shane D.
“I’ve been an AZ resident for 5 years now. Been a home owner for 3, and today for the first time my AC went out. Y’all I’ve never been more panicked in my LIFE. So I quickly ran to search for a reputable company to come out quickly to see what the problem was and up came A Quality HVAC and Plumbing Services LLC Services. I called immediately and was greeted by a gentleman who scheduled me same day and had a tech to my home in about an hour. I was astonished! Enrique was the tech who was dispatched to my house. He was friendly, honest about what my options were and the problem, and educated me about preventive maintenance and options for the future. He had my AC fixed in no time. Thank you so much A Quality HVAC and Plumbing Services LLC Services. You’ve officially gained another loyal customer in me.” - Bratty B.
“Technician showed up at the time scheduled and assessed the situation. Kept me informed and presented options. I am happy with the service and the pricing. I am a repeat customer and plan to use this company again as needed.” - Linda B.
“After hassling with our warranty company to fix our AC after it was out for three days in 110+ heat we called A Quality to help us. Not only were they able to squeeze us in the same day but they did a thorough job in their inspection and took the time to educate us on how to deal with the problem. 100% all our future HVAC services will come from them from now. Nicest people and the speediest response during the very busy summer times here in AZ. It was so nice to be treated with empathy after hassling with the warranty and a few other companies. A little kindness goes a long way and they definitely understand that in their business model.” - Maria M.
“Our house’s AC recently stopped working with the temperature well over 110 degrees. I called A Quality HVAC and Plumbing Services LLC Services and within a couple of hours the technician was at our house. Wow! He really knew his stuff, and my family was happy that we had nice cool air in no time. Staff was friendly and courteous.” - Gavin W.
“My go-to trustworthy technician Mitch was all booked up for the day and I needed someone same-day so I took my chances with Spencer. Much like with Mitch, I couldn’t be happier. Spencer was knowledgeable, friendly, and professional. A Quality was able to get an awesome technician out same day and as always they did not rip me off and their prices cannot be beat. Whenever I work with A Quality I’m reminded about the time before I discovered them when I had “Tuxedo-Flightless-Bird” HVAC company come out for an estimate. That company tried to gouge me and tried to guilt me with making sure my family stayed warm by having them repair my heating issue. It was very upsetting. A Quality never leaves me with that feeling. Please keep up the great work and keep hiring the right guys. Thank you!” - Shane D.
“AQuality HVAC did a great job on my repairs. Their attention to detail is great down to putting booties on to protect the carpet. I had a major repair done, and was given a full explanation, as well as pictures that were taken while the technician was up in my attic! I was able to see the problem, as well as the repair once it was done. Robert D, the technician, is very polite and professional. Thank you.” - Mark M.
“A Quality HVAC and Plumbing Services LLC is forever our “go to” company for all of our AC and heating needs. Robert and his team installed a new AC unit and furnace in our home and we are very pleased. These guys are pros, they’re polite, super knowledgeable and they got the job done! I encourage anyone in need of AC and Heating to contact the folks at A Quality if you want the job done right!!” - Alison A.
“What an outstanding family run business. Very up front about pricing and repair. Trust is a big factor in any business and they have earn my trust for a life time. Always on time and if it’s not right then they return and fix it for free without question.” - Lloyd A.
“Your guys did an outstanding job! They were both very friendly and very informative. We are so happy that we brought our business to you. Jeff did the duct work for my son’s room and it works awesome. We are extremely pleased with everything. Thanks again so much for all that you’ve done for us recently and over the past few years. Your company is top notch!” - Sammy F

Customer Testimonials

“Manny came to repair my air conditioner. It took several procedures and he finally replaced my new motor. It seems to be doing the trick. He also put in a new thermostat . Mine was 21 years old so it was time. He was pleasant and easy to work with; answered all my questions, and there were a lot, until I understood. I would recommend this company and this tech unconditionally!!!” - Midge Abel
“Jason was pleasant, professional, and helpful. He clearly talked about my options and answered all my questions. I’d gladly do business with him again.” - Katrine Cady
“Our upstairs AC stopped working yesterday and I chose this business because of their 5 star reviews. They did not disappoint. Rachel was amazing. She is not only friendly but she is very professional. She was ready to send someone out within an hour! John came out and was very knowledgeable, professional and above all, honest. You don’t see that very often anymore. I will definitely come to them for my future AC/Heater needs.” - Heidi Hedina

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