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    If you need to install a new heater or replace your home’s current one, our heating installation services are exactly what you need. At A Quality HVAC, we understand how important having heat is for your home and family. We also know that a new heating system installation is a significant investment.

    For this reason, we’ll inspect your property and offer you a few recommendations based on your home’s needs and your budget. Our goal is to ensure that your next heater provides your property with unbothered warmth for dozens of years. Whether you’re looking for a heat pump, boiler, furnace, or another type of heating system, A Quality HVAC Services has you covered. Contact us today or give us a call at 623-853-1482 for more information on our services or to schedule an appointment with one of our professionals.

    When to Replace Your Heater

    Although heaters often last more than a decade, they will start losing efficiency in their latter years. We recommend getting your heater inspected if it’s over 16 years old.

    However, there are also some warning signs that you may need a new heater installation:

    • Increasing energy bills with no explanation
    • Needing frequent repairs on your heating system
    • Not enough heat is being produced 
    • Inconsistent temperatures across your home 
    • Loud noise emanating from your heater when it operates

    If you notice any of these signs, it’s likely time for a new heating system installation. At the very least, your system needs to be inspected by a qualified professional.

    A Quality HVAC Services has served Goodyear, and the Greater Phoenix, Arizona area for over 25 years. We are a customer-first company that focuses on providing premium service in every property we work in. Make sure to give us a call and speak with our friendly heating experts if your heater is displaying any of the symptoms listed above.

    Types of Heating Systems We Install

    There are a few different types of heating systems. Some are better for residential uses, and others are better for commercial properties. Regardless of which type of system you need, the A Quality HVAC Services team is trained and experienced in every heater installation and will offer you the best option for your property. We’ll provide all the essential information you need to know before having to make your decision.

    Here’s a rundown of the heating systems we install:

    Heat Pumps

    Heat pumps are unique because they can both heat and cool your property. It’s not uncommon for homes and businesses to have separate air conditioning and heating units. Heat pumps change that paradigm. Heat pumps use less energy than traditional systems because they transfer heat from the air or ground between the indoor and outdoor units. Instead of making heat, they move it around. 


    Boilers are another standard heating system found in older properties. They send hot water or steam through pipes. The water or steam is sent to radiator units positioned strategically around the building. Modern boilers are much more efficient than many existing installations, so by upgrading yours, you could see a significant decrease in your monthly heating bill.  


    Furnaces run on gas, oil, or electricity. A Quality HVAC Services will help you choose the best and most cost-effective option for your property. 

    Electric furnaces aren’t as efficient as gas furnaces but don’t require the installation of any gas pipes. Electric furnaces use an electric heating element that heats the indoor air that’s distributed through a network of ducts throughout your property. For buildings that want to avoid natural gas, an electric heating installation works well.

    Gas furnaces are budget-friendly, reliable, and offer a powerful heating solution for your home. Gas heating installation is especially easy if your property already has natural gas lines. 

    Ductless Mini Split Systems

    Ductless mini-split systems are extremely popular and convenient because they don’t require ductwork. You can use these installations to heat or cool individual rooms.

    Hybrid Heating

    Hybrid heating systems combine a gas furnace and an electric heat pump to produce warm and cold air. This electric and gas hybrid approach is an environmentally friendly option.

    Geothermal Heating

    Geothermal heating is another environmentally friendly option that doesn’t require much maintenance and can lower your monthly energy bills. Geothermal heating systems use underground temperatures to heat refrigerants pumped through the system to produce warm interior air. 

    Benefits of Heater Installation

    As the years go by, heating technology continues to advance to create highly functional and energy-efficient systems. 

    Therefore, newer heating systems offer:

    • Better air filtration that reduces allergy symptoms and asthma
    • Reduced energy usage and utility costs
    • Better and more expansive heating
    • Decreased risk of carbon monoxide and fire hazards
    • An increase to the value of your property

    Whether you’re building a new home or replacing an outdated heater, you can rely on your neighbors at A Quality HVAC Services to take care of your heater installation. 

    Contact Goodyear’s Heating Experts Today

    Our NATE-certified technicians have an outstanding reputation for high-quality heater installation services with homeowners and businesses in the Greater Phoenix, and surrounding Arizona communities. We pride ourselves on delivering excellent workmanship and customer service. Furthermore, we understand how inconvenient it is to have to install a new heater. For this reason, we work extremely quickly so that you don’t have to face any downtime. 

    Call us at 623-853-1482 or contact us online to get an expert’s opinion on your heating situation and a free quote. We offer gas heating installation, electric heating installation, and more. Trust the professionals at A Quality HVAC Services for all of your air conditioning and heating needs.

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