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    While you undoubtedly appreciate the cooling components of your HVAC system in the southwest, your heating system shouldn’t be overlooked. It’s easy to forget about your furnace as it works tirelessly in the background of your home. It usually isn’t until something begins to malfunction, or even break, that it gets your full attention. To avoid these unexpected issues, regular furnace maintenance is a must. 

    Those who live in and around Goodyear, AZ, have an advantage. A Quality HVAC is right around the corner and ready to help. As a company with decades of experience, we know what it takes to keep furnaces working at their best!

    The Benefits of Routine Furnace Maintenance

    Routine maintenance is like a preemptive strike. Before your furnace even has the chance to malfunction, you can stay on top of it, catching small issues before they become bigger ones. This can save you the financial strain of paying for major repairs down the road, along with the headache of dealing with unexpected heating problems.

    A healthy furnace runs more efficiently. When your furnace is struggling to work through wear, tear, and debris, it requires more power to run. For that reason, regular furnace maintenance can reduce the amount of energy your furnace uses. These savings are directly reflected in your energy bills.

    Another perk of prioritizing your furnace’s health is that it will last longer. You’ll avoid the hassle of replacing the system and may also stay covered under your furnace’s warranty. If you ever need to call in the warranty, the manufacturer may request proof you’ve been maintaining your equipment. The best proof is evidence of annual furnace maintenance.  

    In addition to saving you money, yearly furnace maintenance service helps to keep you healthy. During an annual furnace maintenance, the air filters that catch dust and debris are replaced, which ensures clean air within your home. When these filters get full, they no longer trap the dust, pollen, and other particles floating around inside your home. 

    What to Expect During Annual Furnace Maintenance

    During routine furnace maintenance, an HVAC professional will inspect every aspect of your furnace system to check for blockages, damage, or corrosion. This goes above and beyond the everyday tasks you can do to maintain your system, such as cleaning your intake vents and changing the filters. 

    The services that a professional will provide include the following:

    • Furnace maintenance services in Goodyear, Arizona A Quality HVAC Air Conditioning & HeatingTesting safety controls and startup cycle functionality
    • Lubricating moving parts
    • Inspecting the thermostat
    • Cleaning the flame sensor and spark igniter
    • Wiping down and vacuuming the furnace cabinet

    Oil furnace maintenance and gas furnace maintenance services may also include inspections of the thermocouple (temperature sensor), fuel lines, and gas pressure.

    You can expect the entire process to last anywhere from one to two hours. When the service professional arrives, let them know about any concerns you have, so they can pay extra attention to those specific areas. After the initial inspection, the technician will give you an update on the health of your furnace. At that time, they may recommend additional repairs that need to be addressed.

    In most cases, repairs can be completed during the very same visit. At A Quality HVAC, our technicians arrive with fully stocked trucks so that they can get to work quickly!

    How Often Should Furnace Maintenance Be Performed?

    Whether you have an oil, gas, or electric furnace, all types should be serviced at least once a year. This can give technicians a chance to clear out any debris from the unit, tighten loose components, check for leaks, address wear and tear, and ensure that the system is fully ready for the next season.

    The best time to have furnace maintenance performed is in the fall, before you need it. As Arizona remains pretty temperate throughout much of the year, you likely won’t need to turn your furnace on until December or January. Still, it’s best to get your routine maintenance completed early so you aren’t one of the many people trying to get a last-minute appointment in the winter.

    What About the Cost?

    Furnace maintenance is relatively inexpensive. Costs depend on the type of furnace you have and the condition it’s in. If you are dealing with an older furnace that hasn’t been properly maintained, it may cost more to clean and repair existing damage.

    Preventative maintenance is well worth the cost, however. Significant repairs and replacements can be pricey, so it’s worth every penny to maintain the heater you have. This can help you to avoid the need for a premature replacement.

    And of course, it’s not only about the money. Your time and comfort are also important. Imagine turning on the heat that first chilly night of the year, only to find that it won’t start up. After a cold night without heat, you’ll need to get it fixed quickly, which can be stressful. Preventative maintenance can make sure that you have working heat when you need it the most, protecting the value of your investment.

    An HVAC Team You Can Trust

    If you’re looking for an HVAC professional to help maintain the life and health of your furnace in Goodyear, AZ, A Quality HVAC is ready to serve you. Our team of certified professionals offers straightforward pricing and customer service that can’t be beaten. Give us a call today!

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