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    HVAC Tune Up Services in Goodyear, Arizona

    In Arizona, we are no strangers to heat. With temperatures in often breaching 100 degrees, there’s no better feeling than walking inside and basking in some ice-cold air conditioning. At A Quality HVAC Services, we understand how important a properly functioning HVAC system is to our customers.

    Although air conditioners are reliable and can often last for up to 15 years, proper maintenance is key to keeping the unit running and the cool air flowing. Just like getting an oil change for your car keeps the engine running smoothly, performing an annual HVAC tune-up will ensure that your cooling system is in peak condition year-round.

    Annual HVAC service will not just keep you cool when the summer heat is at its worst; it can extend the lifespan of your system. Keeping cool and saving money, what’s not to like about that?

    HVAC tune up services in Goodyear, Arizona A Quality HVAC Air Conditioning & Heating

    What’s Involved in an HVAC Tune Up?

    Your system has been installed, and the cool air is flowing. While your system could likely function fine for a while, proper maintenance will prevent major problems and emergencies from occurring in the future. 

    At A Quality HVAC Services, we specialize in providing great HVAC tune-ups to our customers at a wallet-friendly price. When you receive an HVAC tune-up from A Quality HVAC Services, we will:

    • Check and clean the air filter or replace it if needed
    • Inspect for any leaks in the system
    • Check refrigerant levels 
    • Inspect and tighten all electrical connections
    • Inspect and clean the condenser coils
    • Check belts and blower motor and make adjustments as necessary
    • Lubricate all moving parts
    • Inspect and clean the condensate drain

    Our professionally trained and certified HVAC technicians will complete a full tune-up of your system while also inspecting for any issues that may arise in the future. Our trucks are fully stocked, so if any problems need to be addressed, we can often fix them on the spot during the same appointment. 

    An HVAC tune-up is a relatively quick service, and your system should be ready to go in an hour or so. After the tune-up, our technicians will let you know if anything is wrong with the system and make recommendations for future service.

    How To Know if You Need an HVAC Tune Up

    A heating a cooling system tune up by a certified HVAC technician is recommended at least annually. This schedule will ensure your system is up to the task of cooling your home when you need it most. We recommend you book a tune up service before the summer months, so you can make sure that your system is in working order before it begins to be used frequently.

    Many homeowners neglect annual tune-ups and HVAC maintenance. Doing so can often cause problems with your system and could cause long-term damage or worse, expensive repairs. There are many possible signs that your HVAC system may require maintenance or repair. The most common of these include:

    • An indoor temperature that doesn’t reach the temperature set on the thermostat
    • A higher than normal spike in your power bill when the system is in use
    • Strange noises coming from your equipment or vents when in use
    • The system constantly turning on and off when it should be running
    • Leaks coming from your HVAC system

    If you notice any of the above problems or anything else abnormal with your HVAC system, call the professionals at A Quality HVAC Services immediately to service your system. 

    HVAC tune up services in Goodyear, Arizona A Quality HVAC Air Conditioning & Heating

    Why Should You Get an HVAC Tune Up?

    An HVAC tune-up is worth much more than what you pay. The benefits can be seen both immediately and in the long term. The performance of your system will remain high, the lifespan will increase, and you will stay content during those hot Arizona summers.

    Some benefits of an HVAC tune-up include:

    Lower Utility Costs

    A properly performing HVAC system will not only cool better but will keep your energy bills low. If you have an HVAC system that is not cleaned or maintained regularly, it takes much more energy to do the same amount of work. 

    Preventing Larger Issues

    Regular HVAC service includes a full check of your system and all components. When you hire A Quality HVAC Services, we will inspect the entire system and let you know of any potential repairs that it may need. Taking care of small issues when they are first noticed can save you a lot of money and stress down the road.

    Keeping Your Home Cool

    With the temperatures in Goodyear regularly getting over 100 degrees in the summer, the last thing you need is a broken AC unit. By performing regular HVAC maintenance, you can ensure that when you need it the most, your system will be up to the task of cooling you and your home.

    Schedule Your HVAC Tune Up Today!

    A Quality HVAC Services has been serving the Goodyear and surrounding communities for over 25 years. Our primary goal is the satisfaction of our customers, which is why we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If we don’t fix the problem correctly, the service is free.

    Contact us online for more information on our services or to schedule your annual HVAC tune-up. Our specialists are waiting to hear from you 24/7, 365 days a year. Call (623) 323-5483 today. 

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