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One thing you can always count on is a hot summer in Anthem, AZ. Although the starlit evenings can be pleasant, when the sun is out it can make you want to hide indoors with a glass of lemonade. At A Quality HVAC, we work tirelessly to turn your home into a summertime retreat by keeping your AC in top condition. We begin by helping you choose the right system to install, and then we ensure continuing quality by providing the best repairs and maintenance in the area. If you live in Anthem and you own a home or business, call A Quality for AC Services.

Air Conditioning Installations

Anthem is a great place to build a new home and settle down. When you are designing a home, it is a good time to decide the type of air conditioning system you want. We offer comprehensive installations as part of our air conditioning services in Anthem. Our first step is finding out what you need from your AC. The goal is to find a system that is neither too big nor too small so that it doesn’t waste energy. Many of our Anthem customers are willing to pay a little extra for a system that has the highest efficiency ratings since this can save a lot of money in a hot climate. Our installations are dependable, and we won’t leave the job until you are satisfied with the result.

Air Conditioning Repairs

Homeowners in Anthem often have to run their air conditioners day and night for many months just to keep their living space bearable. This can result in a lot of wear and tear on the system, and a frequent need for air conditioning repair in Anthem. Because we want to offer our unique community the individualized services it deserves, we work hard to keep wait times for appointments short. We always have all of the tools we need ready in our trucks so that we are prepared for your repair at all times. If you are looking for AC repair near Anthem with fast turnarounds, you can turn to A Quality.

Air Conditioning Replacements

If your air conditioner breaks down in the middle of the summer in Anthem, it can be miserable. It is good to have a plan in place for what to do if this happens so that you can have your system replaced quickly. The average lifespan for an AC in Arizona is between 12 and 15 years. As your system nears this mark, be prepared for your technician to recommend a replacement the next time your system breaks down.

Going without air conditioning can be dangerous in high temperatures, so be sure to call A Quality as soon as you notice a problem with your AC. Reach out to us if your unit won’t turn on, is producing a sweet smell or showing other signs of a refrigerant leak, or is blowing out warm air. We will be at your home or business quickly to assess the condition of your system and perform an AC replacement if necessary.

Air Conditioning Maintenance

Preparing your home for the summer means making sure you are on top of preventative maintenance for your air conditioner. An AC tune-up before the weather gets really hot can be a good way to ensure your system is working great as soon as it is needed. During our maintenance services, we will check your system from top to bottom to search for signs of wear and tear. We will also change your filter, lubricate the system, and check your vents for any obstructions that could impede airflow and reduce system efficiency.

Commercial HVAC Services

The businesses in Anthem are the glue that holds our community together. We want to do our part by providing the best AC services Anthem. This starts with making sure you have a quality system in place for keeping your commercial building cool all year round. We also offer fast and efficient AC repair systems to make sure your employees and customers are always comfortable while inside your building.

Indoor Air Quality Services

Cool air and quality HVAC repair are not the only way to make your indoor environment more comfortable. It is also important to make sure the air coming from your vents is clean, and that your space is always properly humidified. To keep dust, allergens, pathogens, and mold at bay, you can invest in an air filtration system installed by A Quality. We also install dehumidifiers/humidifiers that are placed directly into your AC system and help keep humidity at a comfortable level all year long.

At A Quality HVAC, our customers are the most important part of our business. We want every person that calls our number to receive personalized service at an affordable price. Call us today to find out more about our air conditioning repairs, installations, tune-ups, and indoor air quality services for residential and commercial properties in Anthem.

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