10 Questions to Answer Before You Pick Out a New AC System

Jun 20, 2021

By A Quality HVAC

When it comes time for you to get a new air conditioning system, it may seem as easy as buying a new unit. You go to the store and find one that works for you, right? Well, it’s not that simple.

The process of buying a new AC system is like buying a new car. You must decide which make and model have the features that you need. It can become overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be.

With the following set of ten questions, you can be sure that you’re buying the right AC system for your home.

What Is Your Square Footage?

For an air conditioning system, size does matter. Some AC systems can be too big or too small, and you must find the right one.

A system that is too small for your home will need frequent AC repair services to remain efficient.

If the system doesn’t have enough power to get the job done, it will have constant breakdowns. With a system that is too big for your home, you’re going to pay too much.

The answer is to find one that is the perfect size. That is done by calculating the square footage of the space or by speaking with a professional. A Quality HVAC technician can help you determine the correct size for your new AC system.

Do You Need One Room or Whole-Home Cooling?

Now, this is an important decision you will need to make. Do you need one room or whole-home cooling from your new AC system? Knowing your options can make the final decision easier.

If you need AC for one room in the home, you can choose from a few systems. That includes window units, through-the-wall units, or a portable AC.

But, if you’re looking to cool the entire home, you have a different set of options. Whole-home cooling options include central air conditioning and ductless mini-splits.

Do You Have Existing Ductwork?

Without existing ductwork, new AC installation becomes tricky. Many types of AC systems require ductwork. If you don’t have extensive ductwork already, you will need to install some before your AC.

That’s where the ductless mini-split comes into play. Ductless mini-splits are an efficient way to cool your home without the pain of ductwork.

If you need a whole-home solution, you can install multiple mini-splits around the house to do so. That allows for individual room temperature control. You also get whole-home cooling for lower costs than central air conditioning systems.

What Is the Installation Timeline?

You must know the installation timeline, as well. If you’re getting an AC replacement, you likely want the new system to be installed as fast as possible. That is especially true if spring or summer is around the corner.

Between the plumbing, electrical, and ductwork components, AC installation is no small task. If your AC system requires significant ductwork updates, this process becomes even longer.

When you work with A Quality HVAC, we guarantee to explain the entire process. That way, you’re never left in the dark and know how long the installation process will take beforehand.

Do You Need to Address Humidity?

If you have more humidity than average, your new AC system may be able to help. Efficient AC systems remove moisture from the air as part of the cooling process.

One sign that you need a new AC system is a sudden increase in humidity levels within your home. Inefficient or broken air conditioners cannot remove moisture.

So, if you have noticed an increase in humidity around the time you’re looking for a new AC, it’s no coincidence. To ensure you don’t need to worry about this problem again, consider an AC with a dehumidification mode.

Do You Plan to Add Air Purification Technology?

Indoor air quality is a critical topic for homeowners today, especially if you live in an older home.

Things like pet dander, dust, mold, and bacteria can accumulate within the air ducts. When this happens, they will contaminate the air inside your home. These contaminants can cause allergic reactions and new or worsened illnesses.

Looking for an AC system that you can add an air purifier to is a huge plus. With this device, the air gets filtered each time your AC cycles.

How Efficient Is the New Unit?

When you start looking for your new AC system, be sure to look for the Energy Star label. AC systems with this label meet the minimum energy requirements put forth by the EPA.

These air conditioners come with a SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio). This ratio tells how efficient the system is at removing heat from a room. The higher the SEER rating, the better the AC.

Should You Also Purchase a New Thermostat?

If you have not purchased a new thermostat since the last time you bought an AC, then the answer is yes. A thermostat that works with your new AC system will save you thousands every year in energy bills.

With modern thermostats, you can program the AC to a set temperature. That way, the house stays cold without wasting energy or money.

What Is the Total Cost?

Buying a new AC system means that you’re spending lots of money upfront. So, it’s best to know what you’re getting into before you buy. We recommend asking for a new unit estimate when talking to your professional.

You must understand the cost of operation. After all, energy isn’t free. When you know these costs before the AC installation process, you avoid surprise fees.

Do You Need to Schedule Preventative Maintenance?

When you get a new AC system, that doesn’t mean it won’t need maintenance. Even though it is a new system that works well, it will require preventative maintenance twice a year.

AC tune-up services are a crucial part of owning an AC system, regardless of what kind. These services help prevent costly repairs down the line. Tune-ups also extend your system’s lifespan.

When you need premier AC maintenance, there’s no one better than A Quality HVAC. Not only do we maintain HVAC systems, but we also repair and replace them.

If you want a new unit estimate, or need maintenance services, call A Quality HVAC today!

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